"A revelatory production...a fine revival of a great classic"
(The Australian)
Director: Aarne Neeme
Designer: Deirdre Burges | Lighting: Tony Youlden
Cast: Laurence Coy and Craig Meneaud

The Old Fitzroy Theatre, Sydney | Oct 9-Nov 2 2007
Information about this NSW HSC Drama text 2010-2012
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Astonishingly relevant to the current political climate, Buzo’s classic stood strong and clear some 40 years later. For the first time in the play’s controversial history, this production set the action in post-9/11, post-Cronulla riots, post-Haneef and post-Apec Sydney in 2007. A late night encounter between a Pakistani student and a middle-aged Australian man, “Norm and Ahmed,” speaks volumes about Australia’s ongoing uneasy relationship with Asia. The play’s controversial ending hit the headlines in the 1960’s and 70’s with those involved being arrested and charged for obscenity. Director Aarne Neeme, Alex Buzo’s close colleague for nearly 40 years, has directed 14 Buzo plays, including three premieres said: “Like any great play (Norm and Ahmed) continues to resonate with current events. Islamic militancy, the "war on terror" and "pre-emptive strikes" give it new shades of meaning. While the recent Cronulla riots make the play almost prophetic.”