2008 Alex Buzo Shortlist Prize

The winners of the 2008 CAL Waverley Library Award for Literature’s were announced on November 5 2008 at a function hosted by Angela Catterns. The prize was named to honour Alex Buzo’s valued involvement in the award’s inception and early history. The award recognises excellence in research for a work of literature.

Congratulations to Waleed Aly, Paul Ham, Kathy Marks, Christopher Koch, Catherine Jinks and Babette Smith.

(Top Row: Angela Catterns, Malcolm Knox, Emma Buzo. Middle Row: Laura Buzo, Genny Buzo, shortlisted author Catherine Jinks, Merelyn Buzo & Emma Buzo, The Buzo family with shortlisted author Paul Ham, the Buzo family with shortlisted author Kathy Marks, Bottom row: Alana Valentine & Emma Buzo, Merelyn Buzo, Aarne Neeme & Emma Buzo, Wayne Harrison & Emma Buzo,)

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