Review: Extraordinarily brave and bold double bill

"I believe this to be an extraordinarily brave and bold double bill containing four very fine performers...For those who are adventurous and tired of the white, safe, predictable plays of late and who are ready to be truly moved and inspired by theatre: I urge you to see this production." Read full review in Australian Stage Online


Uni of Syd student speaks about observing rehearsals

Click on this PODCAST to listen to Chris Fung, one of the University of Sydney's Department of Performance Studies students observing rehearsals of Norm and Ahmed plus Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah speaking about what he's gained from watching professionals create live theatre.

Variations on a theme: Aarne Neeme interviewed

Click on this PODCAST to hear Aarne Neeme (pictured left with actors Craig Meneaud and Laurence Coy) interviewed at rehearsals about the creation of Norm and Ahmed + Shafana and Aunt Sarrinah

"What's exciting about the whole thing, is that it's not two plays that are directly the same. Alana hasn't tried to do a female version of Norm and Ahmed, but she's certainly picked up on the issues and the shape of the play...In Alana's play we don't have the two strangers meeting and clashing in a very sort of masculine way, we have two women who know each other very well, who share many of the same backgrounds and assumptions. They similarly have a clash, which is again resolved in their terms, not in the way men generally resolve things...It's the variations on a theme...they're the same but they're different and you have virtually celebrate both aspects of that process." Read more: PODCAST