Advisory Board members including Australia’s most prolific playwright DAVID WILLIAMSON, the first writer to be commissioned by the company ALANA VALENTINE and rugby league legend ROY MASTERS gathered at a function for friends of the company in Sydney n November 2008.

“Emma (Buzo) is one of those brave souls who refuses to forget and fights hard to get a level of recognition for Australian artists and for the vital importance of creativity to the Australian psyche. As one of my characters in my play ‘Emerald City’ said ‘We must be allowed to tell our own stories or else we will think that real life happens elsewhere and is spoken in accents other than our own.’...She’s on the frontline of a fight that’s vital to all of us.”
(Read David Williamson’s full speech)

“What Emma Buzo is doing is not simply asserting the continued relevance of the work of Alex Buzo but, in effect, instituting a vision which dares to examine Australian theatre as a historical continuum, which longs for the conversation to speak not only to the past and the present but for it to genuinely engage with the future”
(Read Alana Valentine’s full speech)

“Analysis of sports writing effectively died with Alex Buzo, the man who excited so much debate over the meanderings of commentators like Rex Mossop. Melbourne is now the centre of study of the strange figures of speech of commentators, coaches and athletes. For Sydney to recapture its crown...we must have more investment in The Alex Buzo Company and empower students of journalism to mine the rich vein of words currently hidden.”
(Excerpt from Roy Masters’ speech)

(Above: Advisory Board members Barbara Warren, David Williamson, Emma Buzo, John Ward, Alana Valentine)

(Above top L to bottom R: George Newhouse, Bob Carr & Stephen Loosley, Alana Valentine, Moira Blumenthal & Vicki Gordon, Michelle Jones, Roy Masters & Eliza Logan, Barbara Warren & Craig Meneaud, Woody Woodhouse & Alana Valentine, Aarne Neeme & Lesley Watson, George Newhouse & Merelyn Buzo, David Williamson & Roy Masters, Grant Dodwell & John O’Hare, Phillippa Nolan, Beverley Firth & Marie Sullivan, Roy Masters, Emma Buzo & Andrew Moore)